Dream Panther - Dorsey’s High

I have the pleasure today, of bringing you the first listen of Dream Panther’s upcoming EP, Beyonce’s Child. It’s set to release sometime this spring, and I can tell you from the tracks I’ve heard, they are setting the bar with this one. Dream Panther is the writing power of LA’s Gusto Cat, and the recording/performing power of Gusto, Greg and Nick. They’ve been called post-gangster wave, which if you don’t believe their level of gangster, just check out the NSFW artwork for this track. 

Dorsey’s High could be an homage to their high school. The sound of half-forgotten basketball games. The rich nostalgia this song weaves, almost makes it seem as if you’re back, years later, wondering the halls of your high school. Except now, everything is smaller, demystified. What had once been your entire world, you now see, was such a small part. 

Download Dorsey’s High

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